Walk for health any time any where        Exercise daily for 45 minutes        Health is not automatic… work for it        Say no to excessive sugar, salt and fried food        Know your disease… .know your rights Manage stress before stress manages you        Follow doctors’ advice


Director desk

Director Desk

Director’s desk,                                                 
The Central Health Education Bureau (CHEB) was established in 1956 as a part of the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, with the objective of improving the capacity of health providers and generating positive health behavior changes in the community for a better quality of life.
Over a period of time, there has been an epidemiological and demographical transition with increase in life expectancy leading to ever increasing geriatric population. Socio-economic and industrial development, coupled with lifestyle changes, have resulted in a big shift of disease pattern in the community from communicable to non-communicable diseases.
Curative treatment of these diseases remains inaccessible to masses for various reasons and prognosis is often poor. This calls for a paradigm shift from curative to preventive aspect of disease. Empowerment of community with knowledge to generate healthy behavior through rational thinking is the need of the hour.
Social justice and equity are basic pre-requisites for comprehensive health. Development of personal skills, enhanced community engagement and supportive environments for health, backed with healthy policies with emphasis on vulnerable and marginalized population, are essential.
The Government of India is committed to provide healthcare to all. At the same time, the non-government sector must move forward to complement the efforts towards this social responsibility. It is an opportunity to take health policies and issues beyond the health sector through partnerships, based on agreed ethical principles, mutual trust and respect, with stakeholders across the sectors.
In this changed health and environment scenario, CHEB needs to redefine its roles and responsibilities to address the emerging health issues effectively. We need to provide evidence-based knowledge to policy makers, health providers, institutions and every citizen of India to achieve the envisioned goal of “Healthy people and Healthy Nation”.
Jai Hind! 

                                                                                            Dr Niraj Kulshrestha                                                                                                               Director