Walk for health any time any where        Exercise daily for 45 minutes        Health is not automatic… work for it        Say no to excessive sugar, salt and fried food        Know your disease… .know your rights Manage stress before stress manages you        Follow doctors’ advice




The CHEB is basically responsible for the planning and formulation of programmes for Health Advocacy, Health Promotion Health Education in the country. Production of various prototype health education/I.E.C. material in print and A.V. medium is another important function. The Bureau had eight following divisions.

  1. Editorial Division.
  2. Media Division.
  3. Training Division.
  4. School Health Education Division.
  5. Research & Evaluation Division.
  6. Health Education Services Division.
  7. Administrative Division.
  8. Field Study and Demonstration Center

Due to shortage of manpower, the Bureau was re-organized into following five divisions, which are currently functional

  1. Media and Editorial.
  2. School and Adolescent Health Education.
  3. Training Research and Evaluation Division.
  4. Health Promotion and Education Division.
  5. Administrative Division.