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School & Adolescent Health Education Division

The School Health Education Division was established in 1958 with a view to strengthening health education programmes for the younger generation. It works as technical resource centre with the Ministry of Education, N.C.E.R.T., and Directorate of Adult Education. It works in close collaboration with all these agencies and also with State Health and Education Departments and Universities in the country for strengthening health education programme for formal and non-formal education.

The functions of the Division are:

  1. 1. To interpret plans, programmes and policies of the Union Ministry of Health and F.W., Ministry of Education and Culture, State Governments and key organizations with a view to get them properly reflected in their education in the country.
  2. To plan, strengthen and revise health and population education curriculum in the light of the assessed needs for various levels.
  3. To provide consultative and advisory service in school health to various organizations with regard to different components of the programme.
  4. To coordinate plans and programmes in the field of School Health carried out in States and U.Ts.
  5. To produce ‘type’ instructional material for strengthening health education components of formal and non-formal education.
  6. To act as clearing house for information materials, projects and plans related to health education components of formal and non-formal programmes of education.
  7. To conduct pre-service and in-service education programmes.

As a step to strengthen health education component in the school curriculum, the School Health Education Division has developed syllabi for classes IX to X of the central board of the secondary education as a separate subject under Physical Education and Health Education or Classes XI and XII (Vocational Stream) of the CBSE. It has also developed Health education syllabi to be used for degree courses in Physical Education. Besides, it has developed syllabi of health education to integrate it in the training of adult education functionaries for elementary teacher training for B.T. /B.Ed. The School Health Education Division has also integrated health education component in population education.

A Population Education Guide for Secondary School Teachers was developed by the Division for the use of State Health and Education Departments. The Division has also produced brochures, handbooks etc., for the use of National Social Service Volunteers: and Primary and Secondary School teachers. Imparting training to teachers, medical and Para-medical functionaries are one of the major takes of the Division. It also imparts training to various categories of personnel attending training programmes organised by the Bureau.

The School Health Education Division in the nodal point in the D.G.H.S. to monitor School Health Services Programme in the country. The Division has also monitor the National School Health Scheme which was later transferred to the States and Union Territories. Another programme that was monitored by the Division was an Intensive Pilot Project which was launched by the Ministry of Health & F.W. with a purpose to draw experiences for formulating national guidelines for a comprehensive school health education programme in the country.

Functions and Duties of Division

  1. To plan, design and strengthen and review school and adolescent health education in the country.
  2. To establish and maintain the linkages with the department of Education (Min. of HRD) state education depts.
  3. To facilitate, Coordinate and strengthen school health education programme.
  4. To facilitate/provide consultative and advisory services in the state UTs in the field of school and adolescent education.
  5. To produce Instruction materials like Teaching aids, Guides for teachers on school health education.
  6. To conduct in-service training for teachers and faculties of teacher training institutions(DIETS).
  7. To identify the Adolescent health educational needs and to facilitate and strengthen health education on major adolescent health problems in the country