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Powers & Duties Of Officers

  1. Head of the Institution.
  2. Supervises all Technical, Financial & Administrative Functions of the Bureau.
  1. Overall Incharge of Division.
  2. To carry out the functions of Division including Routine Administration
Deputy Director Admin.
  1. To exercise control in regard to the General Admn. & main.
  2. To advise & assist the Director, CHEB in the exercise of his admin. & financial powers delegated to him by the DGHS.
  1. To undertake the work of the Division in the absence of the head of the Division.
  2. To assist the head in planning, organising Evaluation of activities of the Division.
Section office
  1. To discharge the function as Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the CHEB
  2. To distribute work among the staff in administration.
  3. Management and coordination of work in Admn. Division.
  1. Attend telephone calls.
  2. To attend to visitors.
  3. To maintain engagement diary.
  4. To take dictation & transcribe.
  5. To maintain diary & despatch
  1. To work under the order & supervision of the S.0.
  2. He is responsible for the timely disposal of the work entrusted to him.
HET Gr. I (Photo)
  1. Planning, organizing & evaluation of the work of photo unit.
  2. Coverage, editing & copying of photographs.
  3. Maintenance of photographic equipment & relevant records.
HET Gr. I (Hindi)
  1. Planning, organizing and evaluation of the work of Editorial Unit.
  2. Releasing, publications for the distribution.
  1. To monitor & compile monthly School Health Progress report.
  2. To distribue Health Education material to the student and trainees who attend different orientation and other training courses, workshop seminars etc.
  3. To collect health education materials.
Jr. Investigator
  1. To conduct studies in health education undertaken by CHEB 2. To undertake behavioural studies in Health Education and promotion.
Proof Reader {Hindi/English)
  1. Suggesting changes in illustration in the publications.
  2. Preparing press copies.
  3. Maintaining records relating to the publication.
  4. Assisting in script and feature writing.
Store Keeper
  1. Procurement, storage and distribution of stationery and other stores.
  2. AMC of all office equipment and machinery as also processing of bills thereof.
  3. Facilitate in condemnation
  1. To deal with work of routine nature like
  2. Registration of dak & maintenance of section diary, file register/file movement register.
  3. Indexing and recording
  4. Typing comparing & dispatch.
Bromide Printer
  1. Maintenance of photogenic equipments & records relating to the media unit. 2. To assist HET Gr. I (photo).
Library Clerk
  1. To replace books and periodicals at their assigned place. 2. To locate books etc. for issue.