Central Health Education Bureau Library

The Bureau has a Library with about 10,000 books on varied subjects like health education, social sciences, communication, training, family welfare, media management, adult education, elementary and secondary education, etc.

Besides books on various disciplines, the Library has good number reference books such as encyclopaedias on social sciences, medicines; and on national and international development in health. Reports published from time to time by the Government of India are also placed in the Library.

S.No Title Date

Link for  Report / Book

1. Celebration of “WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY”, at CHEB 14.06.2022 pdf icon

Internship Programme for PG Students of MD & Diploma Community Health Administration

(First Batch)

31.08.2021 to 03.09.2021 pdf icon

Internship Programme for PG Students of MD & Diploma Community Health Administration

(Second Batch)

06.09.2021 to 10.09.2021 pdf
4 National Workshop on Capacity Building of Stakeholders for Health Promotion and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 24.12.2021 pdf
5 Handbook on Road Safety Education - PRATAP 24.12.2021 pdf
6 03 Reports on Outreach Campaigns on Health and Wellness मिले, सुने, कहे 10.12.2021 pdf
7 Understanding Alzheimer’s 20.09.2022 pdf






















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